On the shelves this August


Ragged Glory – The rainbow nation in black and white by South African editor and commentator, Ray Hartley, has been released by Jonathan Ball and is on sale as a paperback , an ebook and on the Amazon Kindle.

It is the story of the people, the policies and the power-plays that have shaped democracy in South Africa since the first post-apartheid election in 1994.

Hartley worked as an administrator at South Africa’s constitutional negotiations and then as a reporter covering the presidency of Nelson Mandela, traveling with him as he was greeted by an adoring world in London, Paris and as far away as New Zealand. As political editor, he covered Thabo Mbeki‘s efforts to kickstart the economy and the controversy which raged over his denial of the Aids epidemic.

As the founding editor of South Africa’s The Times and later as editor of its largest circulation newspaper, the Sunday Times, Hartley watched the rise of the era of crony politics under Jacob Zuma and the mounting opposition to the establishment led by Helen Zille and, more recently, Julius Malema.

Hartley explains the ebb and flow of power in the ruling party and in government as the country’s democratic institutions struggled to hold the line against growing corruption and crime, even as the country’s wealthy grew wealthier and millions entered the middle classes.

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