Pictures from ParkWords in Parkview on Heritage Day

SORTED: Peter Delmar and Theresa Gibbon who were the backbone of the organizing team put the finishing touches to the festival

NOT AFRAID: A Gruffalo selfie outside Weber House

MEDIA BOFFINS: Justice Malala, Anton Harber, Indra de Lanerolle and Jessica Pitchford discuss the state of the media in the Perfect Cup foyer

VROOM, VROOM: Inspecting one of the racing cars on display at the Zoo Lake Garage

GETTING AN EDUCATION: Stephanie Matseleng-Allais, Mary Metcalfe and Brahm Fleisch lead a workshop on the state of schools in Stelle

AFRICA RISING: Hamilton Wende, Dianna Games and David Smith talk about the continent’s prospects in Croft&Co

CRAFTY: Kids get stuck into arts and crafts at Weber House

STREET PARTY: People enjoy the sunshine and a bite to eat on the pavement outside Stelle

BITCHIN’ FICTION: Michele Magwood (foreground), Craig Higgonson, Steven Sidley and James Wylie discuss their craft in Scuzi

MADE UP: Face painting outside Weber House

WAR OF WORDS: Tim Couzens and Richard Steyn discuss the former’s book The Great Silence and other works on WW1

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